A nature spirit is brought alive by the dwellers of a village burnt down to ashes for revenge.


After the horizon hides the sun
I shall awake
After daylight is completely gone
I'll sit by lake
Someone called my name before the dawn
He has to roam
Someone called me to defend his home
And here I come

Another rule had come to us
Bringing years of death and pain
Another evil shows its teeth
And hunts us down, it is insane

In fire's hands, the forest dies
Our home we recently adored
And freezing wind comes from the sky
And rivers turn to ice once more

As forest dies, a new one grows
And fire comes again to burn
But now its rage is serving us
For the revenge, it's our turn
Behind the trees, beneath the sky
Across the river, far away
The nature's forces satisfy
Our vengeance for our fathers' graves

And the sun comes down
As we bring the death
And the prayers are getting
Lost in roar
And the lightning strikes
Showing our faces
We will show no mercy
For our foes

The shadows of night are dancing
Under the moon, in the gloom
The time of madness is passing
And coming the time of your doom


from Fall Of My Life (Original '07 Master), released January 31, 2007



all rights reserved


Forgotten Daylight Moscow, Russia

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